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Pride Mobility Baja Bandit FDA Class II Medical Device*

Pride Mobility Baja Bandit FDA Class II Medical Device*

Venture with confidence knowing you’re equipped with the perfect blend of power and agility for all your journeys. An impressive ground clearance of 4.5” will get you through those rough spots with ease, and you’ll be flying on flatter stretches with a top speed of 8 mph. With a 400-pound weight capacity and an upgradable dual lithium-ion battery configuration that delivers up to a 29-mile range, the Bandit is built to defy the elements – and keep you moving all day.

Kick it into high gear and let the Bandit do all the dirty work while you cruise in comfort. You’ve got full suspension right on the seat post to absorb all the shocks. So don’t be afraid to rough it up a little when things get bumpy.

  • Specifications


    Baja® Bandit 4-wheel

    Model Number


    Number of Tires


    Front Tires2

    9" solid

    Rear Tires2

    9" solid

    Maximum Speed1

    Up to 8 mph

    Ground Clearance2

    1.57" at motor skid plate
    2.68" at front bumper
    4.45" at mid-deck

    Turning Radius2


    Overall Length2


    Overall Width2


    Seat-to-Floor Height


    Standard Seating

    Type: Stadium seat with slider
    Material: Black Vinyl
    Width: 18.31"
    Depth: 17.32"
    Weight: 34.8 lbs.

    Weight of Heaviest Piece

    71 lbs.

    Weight Without Batteries5

    162.6 lbs.