Mission Statement:
To share the love of Jesus Christ while providing the highest quality products and services.

Statement of Values:
We honor God first, family second, and everything else third. We concentrate and focus on our mission. We honor and uphold the authority of our leaders. We speak positively and encourage others. We devote time to recreation and reflection. We revere those with wisdom. We dignify the gift of life. We support traditional family values. We utilize only what is rightfully ours. We value honesty and tell the truth. We respect the property and rights of others.

At Sonshine Medical, our goal is to serve you promptly and with courtesy while making quality wheelchairs available to you at a reasonable cost. As one of Ohio's leading providers of custom wheelchairs, we believe our integrity and commitment to service differentiate us from other wheelchair suppliers. In addition, we regularly research the latest adaptive seating technology and only use products guaranteed to be reliable and durable.

At Sonshine Medical, we strive to:

  • Return your call within 24 hours.
  • Set appointments within 7 days and keep them.
  • Only deliver pre-approved wheelchairs and equipment.
  • Deliver to all of Ohio and ship to the 48 continuous states.
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